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At the top of the two-minute video Homme described kicking photographer Chelsea Lauren's camera, naming the victim and personally apologizing to her. "I''ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and last night was definitely one of them," Homme continued. "I apologize for that to you. I want to be a good man but I think last night I definitely failed at that. That means I failed my family and my friends as well. I don't want them to ever be ashamed or embarrassed about being around me or knowing me." Homme went on to apologize to his bandmates, his parents, his wife, his brother and children. Staring off into the distance, Homme added, "I'm gonna have to figure out some stuff I think... cuz rock n' roll's a wonderful thing. It's supposed to save and help people, not mess them up." Homme ended by expressing his hope that Lauren is okay and adding that he understands she has to do what she has to do. The 6' 4" singer had previously issued a written apology in which he claimed to have kicked Lauren's camera while being "lost in the performance," saying it happened while he was kicking over "various lighting and equipment on our stage."